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At Sttik Estética we work with the latest advances in aesthetic technology, as well as the most effective traditional and modern techniques for the care of your body.

Facial treatments

For both men and women.

microneedling en llanera, asturias

Chemical peeling

If you have ageing, pigmentation, oily and acneic skin we have an innovative range of high quality chemical peels with unique senopeptide and multi-acid technology to treat major aesthetic concerns effectively, safely and predictably.

Solutions that treat the most common aesthetic conditions and give the skin luminosity and turgidity, improving its texture and attenuating the main signs of ageing and skin imperfections.

Peeling Químico en Asturias


With this device, spectacular results are achieved in a safe and effective way.

Microneedling en Asturias

Facial cleansing with ultrasonic peeling

It is one of the most effective facial techniques available. It performs a deep cleansing without aggression, extracting impurities from the horny layer, improving oxygenation and hydration of the tissues and unblocking the pores, breaking the dirt adhered to the skin into tiny particles and softening it without the use of steam.

Peeling Ultrasónico en Asturias

Thread epilation

Threading is an ancient and totally natural technique, in which all unwanted hair is removed from the root, even the smallest ones.

It differs from waxing or tweezing in that it is able to remove a full row of hair in a single pass, leaving the skin cleaner.

Another advantage is that it is not aggressive to the skin, so it is highly recommended for people with allergies and delicate skin.

Depilación con Hilo en Asturias

Laser hair removal

Our Sapphire LS – 1200 diode laser is the fastest and most effective diode laser on the market. Powerful and intense in any working mode, suitable for all skin types.

Results from the first session.

Depilación Láser en Asturias

Electric hair removal

It is a hair removal technique that uses electrical current channelled through a very fine needle that destroys the hair follicle and disables its ability to create a new hair.

It is 100% effective in removing all types and colours of hair, including white, blonde or red hair, whether fine or coarse.

Depilación Eléctrica en Asturias


Waxing with low melting chocolate wax (completely disposable) are made from beeswax.

It softens the client’s pore and promotes hair removal.

Depilación con Cera en Asturias


We have a variety of equipment to combat different aesthetic problems.

Radiofrequency consists of the application of high frequency electromagnetic waves on the skin, heating the different layers of the dermis to treat cellulite in all its stages and localised adiposity, modelling the figure and reducing volume.

Radiofrecuencia en Asturias


An active physio massage capable of accessing the deepest tissues that cannot be reached by hands alone.

It eliminates the most stubborn cellulite, tones the soft tissues, contributes to the drainage of accumulated liquids, alleviates tissue inflammation, remodels and eliminates contractures.
With this device we manage to reduce up to two and a half sizes without losing weight thanks to the reduction of volume that it provokes, at the same time firming the tissues. Recommended sessions are between ten and twenty.

Bellaction en Asturias


High-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, inducing supra-maximal muscle contractions that are not achieved by voluntary action. The result for the client is equivalent to performing 20,000 to 30,000 sit-ups or squats in a single session. It is the first non-invasive treatment capable of simultaneously building muscle and burning fat through repetitive contractions on the same muscle, the first results are visible 60 days after the treatment.

Sculptor en Asturias

Pressure therapy

It is a technique that consists of applying pressure to certain tissues in the legs and abdomen. Massage-like action that improves lymphatic drainage and venous circulation.

It is a non-invasive aesthetic medical treatment that is applied to clients with circulatory problems, which generate high fluid retention.

Pressure therapy eliminates cellulite and volume in the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

It also provides a feeling of well-being and eliminates the heaviness of tired legs.

Presoterapia en Asturias

Bridal and event make-up

Dazzle on your big day with our personalised wedding make-up, highlighting your beauty to make you feel unique and radiant, using high quality brands that guarantee a long-lasting look with balance and elegance.

Trust in our experience to dazzle in any occasion and adapted to your tastes and needs.

Maquillaje para Novias y Eventos en Asturias

Self-make-up courses

Learn the secrets of professional make-up with our personalised courses and have fun discovering the best version of yourself.

Curso Automaquillaje en Asturias
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